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Outsourcing in crisis

The pandemic did not teach us how to deal with problems, but it taught us how to deal with solutions.

certsign case

The crisis caused by the pandemic resulted in the need for cost reduction, protection of people and operational efficiency to serve its customers, which provided the impetus for the outsourcing process at CertiSign. The implementation of the operation took place in December/2020 with many challenges in SAC, Support and Telesales service.

Being assertive was mandatory, even if it was a highly complex implementation and with the market in constant motion. In this scenario, we were able to achieve through the implementation of a project focused on quick solutions (quick win), with a focus on turning the game around for both Virtual Connection and CertiSign. Among the results we had were the maturation of home office activities, integration of solutions, workflows, scripts, information security and digital evolution.

certsign journey

Virtual Connection’s contribution to CertiSign is in the fine-tuned alignment between the implementation and operationalization of its service operations with the business objectives of its main customer. The clear and defined roles, as well as the monitoring, are done “four-handed”, which implies a focus on core business, contributing to mutual growth.

CertiSign is an IDtech focused on Digital Certification and has become extremely necessary in the face of the pandemic scenario, as it has enabled services and transactions to be carried out online, safely and with the guarantee of the identity of those involved. Virtual Connection, in turn, adds to this promising market with Home-Office service solutions and know-how in online service channels.

Check out the video of our case below

Awards received

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Bronze (2022)

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Ouro (2022)

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