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A Virtual Connection won Bronze at the ABT Award 2022!

A Virtual Connection won Bronze at the ABT Award 2022! In the Innovation in Processes category in partnership with Sky.

Case sky e virtual connection

Meet Our Case:

our sky destination

Our Challenge:

We took the following actions:

  • Understand the reasons that led the customer to cancel the service;

  • Increase the appreciation of the customer experience, obtaining a more consultative service;

  • Take actions based on the diagnosis;

  • Forums with level 1 service team (participation of all operational fronts, supervisor (tactics) and coordinator (strategies)).


Opportunities to avoid churn:

  • Divergence in Sales;

  • High % of schedule breakage due to non-compliance with technical visit on agreed date;

  • High % of OS reopenings for the same reason (resoluteness), even after the visit is completed.


Our Strategy:


Reduce costs by investing in technology with the aim of screening customers. Implementation of “Wellcome call”.


We started a process of prioritizing customer service with the field technical team. We monitor the technician’s route in real time to ensure customer service on the agreed date and period.


For situations where the schedule was not met, we escalated with the aim of signaling problems that impact customer service.

To reduce risks related to resoluteness after installation is completed, we started a validation process with the customer."

See our Results:

Case sky results
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