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Challenges, opportunity, diversity, inclusion and achievements: this is our banner!

We value a healthy work environment and for that we know that it is necessary to look at people and include them in all the integration and familiarization processes of our company.

Our team of professionals are focused on cooperation and teamwork because we believe that solidarity, above all, is what moves us and develops us as human beings.


Virtual Connection could not be different: to integrate, cooperate, innovate and humanize are increasingly synonymous, and all this because we are a company deeply committed to integrity and responsibility towards the people with whom we employ, work and that, at the end of the after all, we want them to become part of our family.

That's why I'm here to tell you: if you're creative, like to communicate and, above all, want to grow, come be part of Virtual Connection!


We count on you to be part of our team!

Be welcome!


Available vacancies

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Be part of the ON family

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