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Privacy Notice​​

The protection of privacy and personal data reflects VirtualConnection's values and this privacy notice aims to affirm the company's commitment to security and transparency in the treatment of this data, as provided for in the current personal data protection laws.

The purpose of this page is to detail how VirtualConnection collects, uses, shares and protects personal data from users of its services, as well as the existing alternatives for handling this data.

What data is covered?

VirtualConnection processes personal data, which are understood as data that allow the identification or identification of a natural person.

The company collects data for the execution of regular activities with users of services offered by the same. The list of data collected generally includes: identification data, contact data, financial data, browsing data (cookies, IP address), biometric data and other data that may be necessary to perform these services. It may vary according to the relationship between VirtualConnection and the data subject.


More information on the use of this data can be found in the specific terms of each service, requested from the DPO.

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