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We've provided you with a step-by-step guide in 2 flowcharts, for BILLING and CUSTOMER SERVICE for re-enrollment.



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Discover the benefits of using integrated chatbots with a human customer service center to streamline processes and enhance student satisfaction.

Did you know that chatbots can be great allies for educational institutions?

Chatbots are software programs that simulate natural language conversations through messaging apps, websites, and other digital platforms. They can respond based on pre-programmed guidelines or artificial intelligence, adapting to users' needs and preferences.

However, chatbots do not replace human support; on the contrary, they complement and enhance it. By integrating chatbots with a customer service center, you can offer your students a comprehensive, personalized, responsive, and efficient service that spans from the initial contact to loyalty.


We will demonstrate how your institution can practically apply these technologies to your advantage. The flowcharts were created based on inbound support when your student or candidate contacts you to inquire about information, negotiate, make payments, or even get a question answered directly by an operator.

By directing them via API to the correct automated departments or workflows, they won't get lost in endless menus with an overwhelming amount of information.

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How can chatbots improve customer service at your educational institution?

Solving simple problems: Chatbots can answer students' most frequently asked questions about deadlines, documents, fees, and re-enrollment payment methods, preventing queues and congestion in the call center.

A inform about courses and vacancies: chatbots can disseminate the available courses, remaining vacancies, requirements, and the advantages of each option, encouraging students to reenroll or change their course if they wish.

Conducting pre-service: chatbots can gather students' data, understand their needs, and refer them to the appropriate department in the call center if there is any more complex or specific demand that cannot be resolved by the bot.


Conduct satisfaction surveys: chatbots can quickly conduct satisfaction surveys with reenrolled students, assessing the service, course quality, university infrastructure, and other relevant aspects for the institution's continuous improvement.

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How can chatbots improve REENROLLMENT at your educational institution?

Sending reminders and notifications: chatbots can send automated messages to students who are approaching the reenrollment period, reminding them of deadlines, required documents, and fees necessary to secure their spot.

Providing conveniences and discounts: chatbots can offer conveniences and discounts to students who reenroll in advance or refer new students to the institution, encouraging both loyalty and enrollment.

Generating invoices and receipts: chatbots can generate invoices and receipts for students who choose to make their reenrollment payment online, streamlining the process and preventing errors or fraud.

Confirm reenrollment: chatbots can confirm the reenrollment of students who have made the payment or submitted the necessary documents, ensuring the security and transparency of the transaction.

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Don't miss this opportunity to streamline processes and enhance student satisfaction with chatbots and outsourced customer service.

This is your opportunity to stand out in the education market and ensure the success of your institution. Fill out the form right now and receive your free flowcharts!

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