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The best solutions for your business, sales and relationship specialists

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improve your service
at your institution!
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Simplify your business
with technology

our brand

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+ of 800
call center positions
call center agent
+ of 15 million calls per year
Chatbot Virtual Connection
 + of 1 million
of calls automated
per year
+ de 16 million
of attendances per year
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Meet our

Chatbot Service

Who we are

For 14 years in the market, we present personalized solutions in sales and relationships. We started in 2008 as a small Contact Center in Uberlândia, MG. Today we are also recognized as a company of solutions in CX, UX, artificial intelligence and chatbots.

We operate in Brazil and abroad serving customers of various sizes in various segments. We help companies from different sectors in the operation of their sales channels and relationships and are obsessed with the productivity gain that our solutions provide.

All of us seek daily improvement in indicators. This is the purpose of Virtual Connection. To support you and your company on this continuous journey of improving the user experience

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our purpose

Act as a Business Partner capable of offering the necessary solutions during the stages of the User's Journey. We take care of attracting, retaining and maintaining the customer base, so that your company can focus only on the “core” business.


Discover our services

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virtual connection

We streamline the customer service process for you.


Virtual connection service

Improve your service using the chatbot service.


chatbot virtual connection
virtual connection
virtual connection

Attract and retain your customers through customer experience.


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Easily and efficiently manage information and resources in one place.


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virtual connection
virtual connection

Quality and Productivity are two extremely necessary pillars that will leverage your company.

Quality and productivity


Get to know the data and information of your business in depth, generating control reports in a simple and easy way!

Control and report

control and reporting for companies
virtual connection
virtual connection

Trabalhe com os Canais Digitais e recursos online mais utilizados por todos usuários 

Digital channels

Digital Channels

Work with the Channels most used by all users to capture new customers and keep them loyal to your company

Voice channels

Voice Channels

See how virtual can help you and your business

Do not know where to start?

You can rest assured, we have a team of experts ready to listen to you, understand your demands and propose only the solutions that will really bring a positive impact for you.

Our job is to make your way easier, so just get in touch and we'll schedule a day and time to chat, get to know each other and from there we'll create the right strategy for your business

Clear your doubt

Companies that trust our work

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