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Work with the most widely used channels by all users to attract new customers and retain them for your company.

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About our voice channels

It is very common to need to expand communication channels, have AI-powered chatbots, send SMS messages, and be available on WhatsApp and other channels. However, when the customer is in a hurry, they will likely make a phone call, and in these cases, it is essential to respond quickly. And that's where we can assist your company, as we optimize and integrate communication channels.

For Virtual Connection, it is crucial to diversify communication channels, but also to know when and how to use them throughout the customer journey. Voice resources are typically associated with critical events that require prompt resolution. We have a strategic focus on performance and scalability in our results, which is why we set goals, objectives, and maintain organization in all our processes in order to provide the best and most intelligent technological solution possible for your company.

If we think practically, when a consumer needs to request a refund, complain about a product, or address any issues during their purchasing process, they do not automatically choose a robot for assistance. They prefer human interaction, which is still often seen as quick, convenient, and efficient over the phone.

Here at Virtual Connection, we have technology-driven call centers, ongoing training programs, qualified personnel, and attentive management to achieve goals and provide the level of service and satisfaction your customers deserve. Count on us to boost your business and deliver results through technological and digital innovation. We aim to enhance communication channels in a personalized manner, tailored to the needs of your company and your customers' preferences. Productivity, quality, and performance are the pillars that shape and drive our services and outcomes.

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To learn more about our telephony solution, please visit our website and get in touch!

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