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Virtual Connection has been transforming the way companies relate to their consumers.

vcedu virtual connection

Quality service is one of the main strategies to differentiate a competitive business, conquering and retaining its customers through

of a differentiated treatment.

That's why we constantly work with technology and innovations to simplify problems, speed up care and provide a great consumer experience.

Discover some of our solutions:


Discover some of our solutions:

Digital Channels


ChatBot, Digital Payment Methods, Website Development

Quality and Productivity


Speech Analytics, Quality Monitoring
  at Attendance.

Control and Reports

PCP,  Dashboard e BI, Service Desk



CRM, Omnichannel, On Demand Development, Growth Base, Intranet.

jornada do aluno vcedu

Você está pronto para aumentar sua base de alunos

e receita?

But we don't stop there, for those who only believe in what they see, we make it available for your business:

Capture and Retention

We are specialists in setting up and operating a Student Acquisition and Retention Center.

We hire and train teams specialized in attracting and retaining and we are responsible for the complete management of the centers.

But we go beyond sales and relationship centers. We also offer all the necessary tools for lead generation and database enrichment, as well as building predictive models and process automation.

Student Journey

Mapping the Student (or Candidate) Journey is the first step in any project.

We are passionate about CX / UX. We offer this service at no cost to our potential customers.

Just get in touch with us and we'll schedule a meeting to deal with this very important topic: Customer Journey


Our history was built on relationship with the user, that is, we serve our customers' customers and expand our activities to all stakeholders.

In addition to taking care of the student's relationship and service, we also serve Parents, Guardians, Collaborators, Teachers and all other interlocutors who are part of the user's journey.

Digital Transformation

We know that human relationships are fundamental at times. But the greatest opportunity for productivity gains and performance improvement lies in the digital transformation of processes.

With that in mind, we created a business unit specializing in Digital Transformation and Process Automation via RPA (Robot Process Automation).

We develop and implement 100% customized projects for enrollment, document delivery, research, debt negotiation and many others.

VCEdu is part of the Virtual Connection group, with a wide
experience in Sales, CX and Digital Platforms since 2008


Sales and service positions


per annum.


Active robots automating calls on a daily basis.


Active robots automating calls on a daily basis.

Meet our partners:

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