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Quality Consulting

Do you feel the need to get the opinion of someone who understands your business and the service you provide to your customers, in order to help improve processes and reach new opportunities? Then meet our

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Quality Consulting consists of using
of methods to assess the quality of the service provided by the attendants to the customers, carried out by the operations, verifying if they are adherent, reducing and preventing possible points of riskand looking for opportunities.

Consultoria de Qualidade
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We use an applied methodology that consists of understanding the indicators, generating a description of all the scenarios found, and showing goals to be achieved.

This methodology can be changed to confirm the company's need, as we believe that each business has its particularity and needs to be analyzed correctly and with attention to important points.

Which operations do we evaluate ourselves:
- Receptive and active;
- Collection;
- Chat;
- And much more.

What are the benefits of working
with consultancy:

What are the advantages of working with the consultancy:
- Continuous improvement for customer service;
 - Process automation;
- Increased productivity;
- Improves management performance;
- Increase billing collection;
- Minimizes impacts with the end customer.

Start right now and understand how Virtual Connection can help your business take off with the quality of your services!

Consultoria de Qualidade
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