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Record, organize, and address all the touchpoints a consumer fears in one place.

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O que é um CRM?

CRM is software to organize and record all the sales actions of a company. The system is crucial to make the approach and all contacts with customers more assertive.

The concept involves processes, strategies, organizational culture and technology. Above all, it is an enabler for sales teams.

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CRM Virtual Connection

It works?

  1. We understand the products and services your company offers;

  2. We map your specific target audience;

  3. We create flow planning;

  4. We set up a customized operation for your company.


Advantages of having a CRM:

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Organize and control business data

icone de dados e informações

Have all your data in one place

icone de clientes

Focus on customer needs

icone de fidelização de cliente

Build customer loyalty

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Relationship Ruler

Relationship Ruler is a set of actions that are part of the marketing strategy and serve to build a good relationship with the customer.

A relationship ruler standardizes what should be done throughout the purchase journey, making the customer advance in the sales funnel, as well as helping to build loyalty and keep them satisfied with your company.

There are many strategies that can be used during this process, such as email marketing, automations and many others.

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CRM Virtual Connection

Campaign Manager

It is part of the work to prepare performance reports from data collected from digital interaction or sales for the segmentation and performance measurement of each campaign.

All companies need to be present on different channels, so there is a need for integration between them, so that campaigns can be managed much more effectively.

Integrating operations on a single platform
it is possible to optimize the planning, streamline the flow
work, simplify management,
and automate the execution allowing the
analysis of results more easily.

Here at Virtual Connection we work with customized CRM solutions to facilitate and organize all the necessary information, we have the necessary technology, constant training and qualified personnel to provide the best experience with our solutions.

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