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Establishing effective communication between employees means increasing productivity and sharing information quickly and securely!

What is intranet?

The Intranet is a computer network for exclusive access to a company, it is used by companies to store information, in addition to being a great ally in internal communication, which is very important between all sectors and employees.

The intranet is a fundamental way to communicate in corporations. It is through it that the flow of data from documents, reports and other files important for business management occurs. The Intranet makes it possible to reduce costs and optimize the dissemination of information.

The Intranet has transformed the internal communication processes in organizations, being responsible for aligning a company's processes in managing its data.


How it works?

1. We understand the products and services your company offers;

2. We map your specific target audience;

3. We created the flow planning;

4. We set up a personalized operation for your company.

Information is knowledge.

Sharing it optimizes and enhances the results of the work.

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See some very interesting uses of the Intranet

  • Enables your company's Technology Department to provide employees with a Technical Call opening system;​

  • Allows the Marketing Department to disseminate internal information about the company's promotions, use of the brand, for internal marketing, among other messages relevant to the company's day-to-day activities;

  • Allows the Personnel Department to provide forms for change of address, change of transport voucher, improves the relationship with employees and manages other matters related to people management;

  • Enables the Human Resources Department to announce available internal vacancies;

  • It allows the Financial Department to make available a whole system for the other departments to use to inform the possible corporate expenses and the control of expenses through reports and individualized rendering of accounts.

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