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Attendance Monitoring

Much more than monitoring, get insights and opportunities with the service quality monitoring tool.

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A great ally for measuring and ensuring the quality of service is Quality Monitoring. Because it brings diagnoses and insights about the processes, in addition to providing opportunities, market vision, definitions of new strategies, among other opportunities that are only possible with information obtained during contact with the customer.

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What is it

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The quality consultancy performs analyzes and proposes improvements that enhance the performance of employees, in addition to reducing operating costs and increasing the company's profitability.
The objective is to evaluate the company's scenario and suggest solutions, from planning, monitoring and standardization, to the various difficulties that the company is presenting within the area of quality management or market needs.

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Quality monitoring goes far beyond just evaluating and assigning a grade to the services performed. It is a strategic management, customer relationship and operational tool. In this way, quality managers have a rich tool in their hands, being allied to the management of teams and the information necessary to achieve their goals.

Virtual Connection realizes the system your company needs and helps you in this construction journey by designing the best solution to help your business.
We have technology, constant training and qualified personnel to provide the best quality of service.

Audit and monitoring system

The audit is a verification process, its objective is to verify if the activities are in accordance with what was planned, if they were implemented effectively and if they are adequate with the objectives. This is done through criteria, sampling and sampling methodologies, conducting reviews and following up on actions to ensure that the observations made are resolved.

Together, it is important to have monitoring, as it is a way of evaluating the effectiveness of operational controls, in a daily process, which is used to help identify how operational aspects are occurring throughout the entire process, thus avoiding failures.

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It works?

  1. We understand the products and services your company offers;

  2. We map your specific target audience;

  3. We create flow planning;

  4. We set up a custom operation for your company.


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