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The payment gateway, or payment solution, is a comprehensive, intelligent, and practical payment technology. This solution aims to ensure that the purchasing process for each customer is simple and straightforward.

Do you want to automate your transactions securely and with custom payment solutions for your business?

By using a payment gateway, you can centralize all payment operations for your business quickly and easily. There is no complication, and we handle it for your business. This allows you to have access and control over all the necessary information, such as data capture, customer information storage, and enables quick and secure payment transactions for everyone.

Virtual Connection offers a personalized solution to provide all possibilities and strategies for payments, from facilitating the simplest payments to the stage of your business taking off in sales volume.

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Multi Acquisition

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Custom recurring subscriptions and payments

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Various payment methods

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Customization and personalization

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How does it work?

  • We understand the products and services that your company offers.

  • We map your specific target audience.

  • We create the flow planning.

  • We set up a customized operation for your company.


We can use a performance-based model, meaning we only receive payment for successful outcomes.

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