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Planning and production control

By carrying out effective production planning and control, companies can achieve greater productivity, cost reduction, improvements in product quality, increased customer satisfaction and greater market competitiveness.

About PCP

PCP is essential for a company to ensure that it is producing in the best way and according to the plan made.
Through PCP it is possible to plan when, how much, where, in what order to produce and check if everything is working according to the previously defined goals.

After all, if the company does not plan, schedule and have control over production, it will find it difficult to remain competitive with the market, and with the expected quality.


Discover the benefits a PCP can bring to your business:

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​Increase in the quality of manufactured products

icone de acertivo

Application of more assertive decisions. managers apply more assertive decisions

icone de produção

Improves the productive capacity of the company

icone linha de produção

Improves the flow of materials on the production line

icone colaboradores

Improves employee productivity

icone de cronograma

Organize production schedules

icone de custo

Contributes to the reduction in investment

icone manutenção

Improves the productivity of machines and equipment

icone de monitoramento

Helps control and monitor production performance

It optimizes production time and keeps it at an optimal level.

icone de otimização
icone de moedas

Reduces the company's operating costs

icone de planejamento

Planning and mastery of production effectively

icone produção

Minimizes production losses and waste in general

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It works?

  • We understand products and services
    that your company offers;

  • We map your specific target audience;

  • We create flow planning;

  • We set up a custom operation for your company.


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