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Speech Analytics

​Speech Analytics é uma ferramenta com Inteligência Artificial que monitora os dados de atendimento de forma integral, e transforma a jornada do cliente.

Balão de voz
Speech Analytics virtual connection

Our new solution
automated quality monitoring

​Able to monitor trends in its operations, and understand in real-time the feeling of its customers in the face of services. Isn't it incredible?

Make assertive decisions and transform your operation.

A tool with Artificial Intelligence that monitors service data in an integral way, and transforms the customer journey.

Speech Analytics atendimento

Full transcript of
all conversations and
smart filters

Speech Analytics

Trend and generation analysis
of insights, with an indicator of change in its operations

sistema Speech Analytics
Speech Analytics sistema

sentiment analysis
of the client and the consultant
responsible for service

Our robot is Brazilian

Analytics is built with our AI features and algorithms
(Artificial Intelligence), and makes it possible to extract in a consolidated way
throughout the customer journey, enabling more accurate decision making.

Our robot is Brazilian, that is, it understands the language, the conversation
and the different accents during the service, which makes it possible for
the entire service is extracted in a consolidated way, allowing
decision-making from different contexts.

robô brasieleiro

Cost reduction in the quality sector of up to 22%

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