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Telephony allows for instantaneous communication, allowing people to connect in real time, regardless of distance. This is especially useful in emergency situations or when urgent matters need to be resolved.

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About Telephony

With the advancement of technological development, the way of doing new business is directly linked to an efficient and agile relationship with its customers, regardless of the company. Therefore, it is essential to have quality and reliable telephony services.

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URA (Audible Response Unit) is a type of electronic attendant capable of identifying digits and voice, and reacting based on this information. An example of how it works is when we contact a company and are faced with the following service:

"Dial 1 to consult the invoice”.
This is a exampleof how IVR works!

It recognizes digits and voice, passing on important information to your customers, streamlining their first contact with your company.


The Reverse IVR provides the customer with interaction options, allowing him to be directed to more specific requests.

Another option is to transfer the consumer to an attendant, who will continue the service, that is,
it is very important for the attendant because of the screening that is done before reaching him. Capturing everything you need about the customer who is contacting you.

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The automatic dialer is a technological solution whose main objective is to optimize the time and work of the operators, automating the dialing and directing the attendants only to the calls actually completed.

Calls made using the dialer guarantee more operations, as they make calls automatically based on the agility of the list of registered contacts, leaving the more noble activities such as product sales, billing, etc. to the attendants.


Call recording offers greater visibility into your team's performance, generating insights into the quality of care. In addition, it is possible to check the recordings by instructing your attendants on the successes and errors during the calls.

Recording a call guarantees the security of both parties to the call, whether the attendant/company and the customer.

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