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Atendimento Chatbot

Automate your customer service with the ChatBot tool.

In a completely digital way, the chatbot will streamline your day-to-day business operations and enhance customer relationships, bringing more satisfaction and efficiency. Moreover, you can quickly and easily access information, invoices, payment history, and even make purchases. Start now and discover what the chatbot tool can do for you!

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Did you know?

"In the past year (2021 to 2022), there has been a growth of 23% in the number of active bots and a 60% increase in the monthly message volume. There were 47,000 robots and 2.8 billion messages per month in 2021, according to the previous edition of the Map."

In total, the 94 interviewed companies have a cumulative total of 317,000 bots developed to date, a 47% increase compared to the 216,000 recorded in the same report in 2021.

Source: mobiletime

But what is a chatbot?

Chatbot service

Chatbot is the future! It is a customer service... In a humanized and fully personalized manner for your type of business.

It provides the customer service your clients need,
with greater efficiency, at any time, and in a humanized way.

Have you ever considered implementing a chatbot in your company but were unsure which one would be ideal for your business?

Follow this thread and discover the benefits your company can gain from a chatbot!

atendimento automatizado

Some benefits of ChatBot

Cellular Service
chatbot virtual connection
Atendimento chatbot

Your company's customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Chatbot response time
Atendimento chatbot

Possibility of multiple communication channels, facilitating customer service across various channels simultaneously.

Chatbot service
Atendimento chatbot

Reduce the queue of customer service, streamline processes, and save time on tasks!

chatbot communication
Chatbot service

Are you unsure if a chatbot fits your business?

There are various types designed for each specific need. Here are some types of chatbots.

Chatbot service

Numeric Bot

The numeric chatbot is suitable for WhatsApp and chat support, where through options in the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, it can be directed to the desired content.

Artificial Intelligence Bot

Artificial intelligence enables a humanized form of conversation, where the customer can write their desired intention and be accurately directed to the correct menu, without having to navigate through the traditional flow.

Robo Service
Automated service

Collection Bot

The collection bot allows for the sending of HSM (active message dispatches) to request payment from the customer or speak directly with one of the consultants without needing to contact the call center. The entire process is handled by the bot.

Sales Bot

The sales bot is ideal for offering products to customers in a more convenient way, allowing them to complete a purchase without the assistance of a consultant. Within this model, there are questions and content tailored to each customer's profile.

Chatbot service
informative bot

Informative Bot

The informative bot allows customers to address all their inquiries without the need for assistance from a consultant. The accuracy and resolution rate in this bot model reach nearly 90% retention.

Atendimento Chatbot

Join the innovation and automate your customer service with a chatbot!

Atendimento Chatbot

Don't stay out of the market and automate your customer service with a chatbot!

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