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We all know that the task of billing a customer is not an easy one. This requires very specific techniques from the work team, such as: having a lot of attention, planning and specialized training to deal with people in order to solve the problem of default.


Our centers have technology, constant training, qualified personnel and attentive management to achieve goals, and provide quality service and problem solving.
Even in the face of difficulties, Virtual Connection's challenge and motto is to always solve problems, and that's why we make it possible to carry out collections through personalized techniques and offers previously defined for each customer profile. Our goal is to bring great results to your business and transform your company's dividend numbers.

Our call centers have state-of-the-art technology, constant training, qualified personnel and an effective, attentive and goal-oriented management. We seek to provide quality service for the intelligent solution of problems for your company.

Are we going to dribble this dividend scenario?

We offer your company our intelligent techniques to solve and reduce the amount of delinquency through automation, always remembering that we put people and our customers first, and therefore, we use automation with empathy and in favor of these needs. Often a small management mistake can lead to the triggering of numerous problems. To avoid this scenario, we offer our services with strategic and customized technologies for trading with dividends.


How it works?

We understand the profile of debtors and the customer's specific products and set up an operation to recover their receivables ;  You can use a variable model, that is, we only get paid for success.

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