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UX Consulting

Do you feel the need to get the opinion of someone who understands your business and can really help you?
to have new opportunities and improve processes.

Because that's what Virtual Coonection does with our UX Consulting, raise the customer's needs,
through diagnoses and processes, we identify
solutions and then recommend improvement actions.

The consultancy aims to help companies
not only in the implementation of systems, but also to contribute to the improvement of the whole experience
of the user, which directly impact
in the conversion of the company.

Consultoria de UX
Consultoria de UX virtual connection

It works?

First we discover the problems;
We define what strategies will be needed;
We develop the solutions;
And we validate all the points raised.

Understand what Quality Consulting can offer your business, we at Virtual Connection are prepared to help you.


To evaluate and understand each process, we collect all the necessary information using processes and tools such as:

- CSV matrix;
- UX Flow;

- User Journey; 
- Swot matrix;
- Usability tests;

- Customer TouchPoints;
- BenchMark;
And many others!

Get started now and get a UX expert consultancy for your business.


Consultoria de UX
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