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Silvio santos avião dinheiro

In a “Silvio Santos” style, Air Canada ended up suffering losses due to its chatbot that invented a discount that didn’t exist. Were you already aware? No?

Have you ever imagined buying an airline ticket for a fair price and then discovering that you were entitled to a discount that the company's chatbot invented? That's what happened to a Canadian who tried to travel to his grandmother's funeral using the Air Canada chatbot, one of the largest airlines in the world.

In 2022, Jake Moffatt, a Canadian, purchased an Air Canada flight ticket from Vancouver to Ontario. After purchasing, the company's chatbot, named Julia, informed Jake that he was eligible for a bereavement discount due to his grandmother's death. Jake was surprised and grateful. He traveled to the funeral and later contacted Air Canada to request a refund.

However, to his surprise, Jake discovered that Julia was wrong and that he was not entitled to any discount. Air Canada explained that bereavement fees were only valid if requested before the flight, not after. The company stated that Julia was just an automated system that followed company rules but sometimes made mistakes. Jake, outraged, claimed that this was a breach of contract, as he trusted the information Julia gave him and had no way of knowing she was wrong.

Jake decided to take the case to court, hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit against Air Canada. He claimed to have been a victim of fraud and suffered moral and material damages. The case gained repercussion in the media and social networks, generating a reputation crisis for Air Canada. Many customers reported similar situations, making memes and jokes about the situation. The company spoke out, calling what happened a “misunderstanding” and stating that Julia was a “system in development” that needed improvements, while reviewing Jake’s case.

The Canadian court did not accept Air Canada's excuse and ordered the company to pay Jake compensation, in addition to reimbursing the discount amount. The judge responsible for the case said that Air Canada was “negligent” and “disrespectful” towards the consumer and that Julia was “incompetent” and “deceitful”. He said that the company should have bot curation to ensure the quality and ethics of its service.

Bot curation is a practice of monitoring, evaluating, and improving the performance and experience of chatbots. It involves technical aspects, such as programming, design and testing, but also human aspects, such as language, tone, personality and empathy. Bot curation is essential to avoid errors, failures, confusion and user dissatisfaction.

Don't know where to start curating your Chatbot? Access the link below and register to have FREE access to a Chatbot Curation Guide, in addition to our spreadsheet so you can start quantifying and qualifying your services.

Dois robos fazendo queda de braço.

Gemini: The Chatbot that is more than a Sign, it is a Superpower!

oHhh make way and GEMINI will pass

Hello, dear call center leaders! 📞🌟

Today, I'm going to introduce you to Gemini, the Google chatbot that's more versatile than a Swiss Army knife with AI superpowers. 🤖✨

What is Gemini?

Gemini is like that coworker who always has a clever answer for everything. He's the souped-up version of the old Bard (who, by the way, is now enjoying a peaceful retirement in the Maldives).

But what is so special about Gemini? Let's go:

Multimodality: Gemini understands texts, images, videos, audios and even programming codes. If it were a person, it would be the Indiana Jones of communication.

Supreme Organization: He organizes information as if he were tidying up the house to receive visitors. You can even suggest chamomile tea to calm your mood.

Personalized Responses: Your responses are so personalized that they seem to have been written by a Renaissance poet. 🎨📜

Impact on Service Technologies

Now, let's get serious. Gemini could revolutionize customer service and other technologies. He is like a conductor conducting an orchestra of chatbots and support systems. 🎶🤖

Friendly Chatbots: Gemini can be chatbots’ best friend. He trains newbies, gives tips on etiquette and even teaches them how to make jokes (not very good, but it's the effort that counts).

Quality Curation: This is where the crucial role of leaders like you comes in. The curation agent ensures that Gemini is always sharp, relevant and with answers that don't seem like something out of an episode of “Black Mirror”.

My dear leaders, always remember: technology without curation is like a car without brakes.

The curation agent is the beating heart of call centers. It ensures that technology is used with wisdom, empathy and, of course, a touch of professionalism. Need help? Virtual Connection is always ready to help you.


RCS Chronicles: Rise of the Messaging Titans


RCS versus Whatsapp

Latest News: The RCS (Rich Communication Services) revolution is in full swing, and it's about to make SMS and WhatsApp look like old news. Hold onto your smartphones – let’s dive into this whirlwind of messages!

1. The Revival of the RCS🚀

Give space, homing pigeons! RCS has arrived, and it's flexing its multimedia muscles. Imagine sending messages with high-quality images, videos and audio clips – it's like trading a horse-drawn cart for a Tesla Cybertruck. RCS is the cool guest at the messaging party, with a free pass to the future.

2. Apple Joins the Dance 🍎📱

3. The Growth: RCS vs. SMS🌱

4. WhatsApp vs. RCS: The Duel 🤖📲

5. RCS: The Unicorn of Interactivity 🦄🔥

6. The Dance of Cryptography: RCS vs. WhatsApp 🔐

7. RCS: The Multiverse of Emojis 🌈😎

8. Chat Groups: RCS vs. Whatsapp 🗣️🎊

9. RCS: The Multitasking Tool 🛠️📬

10. The Grand Finale: RCS Takes the Throne 👑🚀

So say goodbye to outdated texts – the RCS revolution is here, bringing confetti cannons, dancing unicorns and encrypted high-fives!

Remember, dear readers, choose your messaging partner wisely. RCS is the ally you've been waiting for. 🌟📱
Logo de sites que criam chatbot a partir de texto.

Turning PDFs into Chatbots:

4 Incredible and free AIs!

Have you ever found yourself buried in a pile of PDFs and ebooks, wishing someone could summarize it all for you? Well, guess what: artificial intelligence is here to save the day! 🚀

1. The Wizard of Time: Save Hours! With an AI, you can devour documents in the blink of an eye. Goodbye, endless hours of reading! 📚✨

2. Surgical Precision: Don't Miss Anything! Our AIs are like knowledge surgeons. They extract vital information accurately without missing any important details. 🔍🧠

3. Epic Scalability: PDFs, Ebooks and More! These AIs are not intimidated by mountains of documents. They handle multitudes of PDFs and ebooks simultaneously. 📈📚

4. Tailor-made Customization: Made for You! Imagine a summary that perfectly fits your needs. With our AIs, you can personalize content to serve you exactly what you need. 🎯📝


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